Ministry Leader: Jake White – Student/Associate Pastor –

Ages: Junior & Senior High Students (6th-12th grade)


SaltLight Youth Ministry


Ministry Purpose:

SaltLight Youth Ministry seeks to come alongside parents who want their children to learn spiritual truths for life; we want to be a tool that God uses to fulfill that desire. We live for seeing teens grow in their love for God and people. Our prayer is that as the Bible is presented to them in a relevant fashion, they will be motivated to apply it in their daily lives. When the Bible is applied, it is more than a passing fad or a checkmark on our list of things to do. It should permeate every area of our lives. For our students, this means we want to see the grace and love of God flowing out of them and into their schools, sports, relationships, homes, jobs, etc. The characteristics of a true follower of Christ should be seen in everything we do.



Sunday Morning Bible Study – 9:45am-10:45am in Taylor Hall (main building) – in this class the Jr and Sr High groups are split up so that we can talk about things that hit their specific age groups and needs. Both classes have a small breakfast (usually donuts and milk) and a time for prayer. Elaine, the Jr. High teacher, challenges her class with deep truths in a practical and interactive way. The Sr. High class has a variety of teaching methods. Depending on the series we are in, our teachings could be video lessons, discussion groups, a student led lesson, or a lesson from the youth pastor, Jake. No matter the format, the focus is on learning the Word of God.


Wednesday Night – Word of Life (WOL) – 6:30pm-8:00pm in the Adult Building – every week we strive to make this service an experience our teens want to relive. The format is simple – we have snacks/drinks, a time of worship (with a full band), a WOL study, and small groups. The lessons range from doctrine to current events and major issues. We are not afraid to face the hard questions that oppose Christianity. In our small groups, we have adult leaders (most groups have two adults each or an adult leader plus a student leader) that take up prayer requests, talk with the students about their week, and discuss that night’s lesson. Our leaders have all had background checks and have a variety of occupations. We have leaders that are in nursing, the military, truck-driving, and even recent graduates of our ministry.


Our philosophy of teaching is that if these students can learn algebra, trigonometry, and biology they can handle theology. It is our responsibility as teachers to present it truthfully and in a way that speaks to them where they are.



Teens are active! If your ministry is not active, it won’t have many teens! That being said, we are NOT activity driven but we do understand the importance of allowing our teens to come together to have…FUN. Whether it is a Friday night youth night or a weekend trip to Wild Adventures, we try to provide a place of Christian fellowship and unity where they can cut loose and enjoy themselves.


Youth Nights – Quarterly Event (see church calendar) – basically, a three hour (7:00pm-10:00pm) Friday night filled with games, food, and a short devotion.  It serves also as a good outreach event for teens. We have had teens come to this event looking just to get away from their homes or a bad day, play games all night and then at the end of the night during the devotion give their lives to Jesus Christ.


Youth Led Services – some of the most moving services we have had were those where the youth leaders took a seat and the teens took a stand. We love to hear our teens share their testimony or a sermon they have developed. We believe it is good for them to tell others how the Lord has made Himself real in their lives. Whether it is playing in the band, teaching a lesson, working behind the scenes throughout the week, or helping in Children’s Church – we want to challenge our teens to serve the Lord now in their local church and community.


Campus Days (Word of Life Bible Institute) – once or twice a year we will take a group of our Sr High class to Hudson, FL to tour the Word of Life campus and see what it would be like to be a student at the BI. They go to class with the college students, stay in the dorms, and experience campus life.


Youth Camp – every year we take our teens to the Word of Life summer camp in Hudson, FL. Occasionally, we will make the long trip to the Schroon Lake, NY campus. This is a major highlight of the year for each of our students. It is a weeklong camp (Sunday-Saturday) in which they can have fun and be challenged by the Word daily. There are two services each day that are packed with music, games, skits/dramas, testimonies, preaching, and more. It is a week they will never forget.


Other Events – the events above are just quick highlights to the year. Each year is different and we try to change things up where we can. Other events include: Winter Jam (Jam Nation package), Adventure Landing, lock-ins, campfire nights, sleep-overs, etc. It’s not really an event, more like a result of the unity our group has, but every week after the Wednesday service our teens go to Chick-fi-la for dinner just to spend more time together!


One More Thing…


Teens, if you’re looking for a place where you can just relax and be yourself, you will find that here. Maybe you’ve had bad experiences at other churches or with other Christians; it could be that you’re struggling in school or at home; whatever the case, we do not look at you as project that needs to be fixed. You were created in the image of God. You deserve respect and love as an individual. Yes, we have all fallen but God wants to restore us, YOU, to a place of fellowship with Him. We would like to walk with you on that path.


Parents, if you’re looking for a place where you can bring your teens and know they are being taught how to apply the Word of God to their daily lives, this is the place. We do not apologize for what the Bible teaches but we do present it with love and understanding. We teach our teens that if they cannot obey and respect earthly, visible authorities, they will not be able to obey and respect our heavenly, invisible Authority. We do not want to be a daycare for you; we want to be a partner that works with you and your teens to see them grow into spiritual leaders. They should come here to learn how to apply Scripture but they should go home to see how to apply it – by watching you.


Hope to see you soon,

Jake White


“You are the salt of the earth…the light of the world…”

             ~ Matthew 5:13-16 ~

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