Pastoral Staff

Terry Collins
Senior Pastor

Jake White

Lynn Atkinson
Minister of Music


Support Staff

Kitty Collins
Church Secretary

Lester Smith


bettyBetty Atkinson

cheryChery Crane


Deacons of Southpoint Baptist Church

The deacon body consists of 8 members holding the office for a 3 year term with a minimum of one year between terms of service. Deacons are chosen by the church body at large upon careful examination of the candidate’s life according to the standards established in I Timothy 3:8–13 and Titus 1:6–9. There is also an approval process by a Deacon Selection Review committee.


Deacon's hold their offices in gravity and the fear of God and consider themselves as servants in our Lord's Kingdom. Deacons serve alongside the Pastor as counselors and co-laborers. Deacons are to seek the salvation of the lost, promote the Kingdom of God on earth and to devote themselves to the spiritual welfare of the church members and exhort each one to faithful attendance and active participation in church services and ministries.


The deacons assist the Pastor in the administration of the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper and all interests of the church. The deacons strive to relieve the Pastor of the normal operations and responsibilities of the church in order that he may devote his time more fully to the study of God's word and it's proclamation.


2024 Deacons List:

  • Bill Livingston - Chairman
  • John Jenkins - Vice Chairman
  • John Ward - Secretary
  • Doug Gunter
  • James Watts
  • Jeff Carr
  • Tim Hawarah
  • Dave Pagaduan
  • Scott Petersen