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Jake and Erica's 10 Year Anniversary
October 17, 2021
John 8:42-45|Jake White
Join us for the 10 year anniversary of Jake and Erica White joining our Southpoint Baptist Church staff! In this service we have baptism, reflection of the past ten years, music, preaching from Pastor Jake, and the presentation of a new believer in Christ. It was a wonderful day!
The One and Only God: The Great I AM
October 10, 2021
Exodus 3:1-14|Terry Collins
Join us for a new series, "The One and Only God". We hope you enjoy this message and are challenged to move forward in your walk with the Great I AM.
The Gospel: Missional
October 3, 2021
Acts 1:8|Terry Collins
Join us for a powerful reminder of why Christians must share the gospel both locally and worldwide in order to truly honor Jesus Christ!
The Gospel: Relational
September 26, 2021
2 Corinthians 3:1-3|Terry Collins
Welcome to our online service! We hope that you are encouraged to face your week in the power of Jesus Christ and for the purpose of the Gospel!
Plot Twist: Faithfulness through the Craziness
September 19, 2021
Esther 4:1-3|Jake White
Life can be like a child's coloring book. You open the pages and the grass is blue, the sky is green, and the sun is purple. Color between the lines? Not likely. It's hectic. Today, we are going to learn about a man named Mordecai, and how he demonstrated faithfulness through the craziness of his life.
Remembering 9/11
September 12, 2021
Romans 8:35-39|Terry Collins
Join us as we reflect on the events of 9/11 and find hope and encouragement for today through God's Word.
The Gospel: Intentional
September 5, 2021
1 Peter 3:15-17|Terry Collins
Join us for an exciting morning of baptisms and challenging message on being intentional with the gospel.
Plot Twist: Forgiveness Undeserved, Love Unexpressed
August 29, 2021
Luke 7:36-50|Jake White
Welcome to our service! Have you ever felt like you had to do more so that you could earn God's forgiveness or His love? Many people, including Christians, live like this. Remember, the goal of the believer is not to earn God's forgiveness, but rather to express their love for Jesus.
Tri-State Fellowship | Friday, Session 1 (Jake White)
August 27, 2021
Jake White
Welcome to our Tri-State Fellowship meeting! This is the first session of the Friday service. Preaching by Jake White, Associate Pastor of Southpoint Baptist Church, and special music by Veronica Eastwood, Missionary to the Dominican Republic.
Tri-State Fellowship | Friday, Session 2 (Joey Bacon)
August 27, 2021
Welcome to our Tri-State Fellowship meeting! This is the second session of the Friday service. Preaching by Joey Bacon, Mission Director of the World Baptist Fellowship. There is also a call made to Jacques Alexander, Missionary to Haiti, and special music by Pam Kish.