Is the Bible true?

At Southpoint Baptist church we believe the Bible is without error.  Every word of the Bible is inspired and directed by God through the Holy Spirit.  The words of the Bible itself declare its accuracy and truthfulness.  Those that profess Christ in their lives continually see events in their own lives reflect the truth of the Bible regarding what they reap in their lives, what happens when they follow what they learn or understand the impact of sin in their lives. (2 Peter 1:21; 2 Timothy 3:16,17). 


There are many myths about the Bible.


Some claim that over time the Bible lost its authenticity.  In reality, experts in ancient literature point out rather unique events for the Bible.  The sheer number of manually written duplicates completed by scribes who used a good portion of their entire lives making copies.  This mammoth effort far exceeds that of other well-known ancient literature like “The Iliad and Odyssey”.  Fewer copies may lead to greater opportunity for the original literature to be corrupted over time.


Sadly, some new translations may be corrupted.  But, by examining the published purpose of the translation and reading the preface included the translation, you can determine the authenticity.  Beware of any Bible intended for a narrow audience in support of their “values”.  The expressed purpose of a good translation is for a person to read and comprehend through the Holy Spirit what the original author was saying and meaning.  So, a good translation matches that truth from God, not the ‘values’ of men.


The gospel books about Jesus are based on eyewitness accounts.


If you want to understand God, we encourage everyone to understand Jesus first, because He declared Himself the Way, Truth, and Life.  Jesus also said that if you know me, you know the Father. 


The best thing to do is to read the accounts for yourself. Start with Mark’s gospel because it’s the shortest Gospel book that’s clear and concise account of Christ’s life. Let the Bible speak for itself. You can read it here.