What is Christianity?

Originally the word Christian was an unfriendly term given to all those that dared to follow Jesus Christ.  The term was made by those that refused to accept that Christ is a deity.  When you talk with a Christian, you will notice that we speak of worshipping God and/or Christ because both are one.  So, that may leave you wondering, why would I want to follow Christ.  That’s a good question.  All Christians including myself follow Christ because it was through His work on earth that we are able to believe on Him and regain the relationship with God that we lost because of our unforgiven disobedience to God.


It is your choice to become a Christian or not.  As a Christian, God is able to fill voids in your life that you know are missing and have been searching for in life.  God promises all believers eternal life through Christ which connects you to the one that fills those voids which is God via Christ.  We were made for God and God loves us.  Without Christ you will continue searching constantly for unmet needs and running into brick walls until you die and suffer eternal punishment from disobedience toward God.  I and no one at our church wants that to happen to you.


Jesus is the first step to a fulfilled life that is in Christ. (Romans 3:22-24).