Local Evangelism & Outreach

Outreach is every believer's responsibility. Our vision for Local Outreach is to instruct and equip Southpoint Baptist Church members in the obedient pursuit of the Great Commission Jesus Christ gave to His disciples (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8). The Apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ followed His commission to be witness of His life, death, and resurrection by establishing churches - even to the uttermost part of the Earth.  Southpoint Baptist church recognizes the continuing aspects of our Lord's mandate and command.  The Evangelism & Outreach ministries of Southpoint embraces the responsibility by training Christians to preach the gospel in our own local spheres of influence and by sending workers to other parts of our nation and the world for the building of Christ's Kingdom and the glory of the Lord.  Thus our philosophy of ministry regarding evangelism is as follows: biblical evangelism is God-centered, not man-centered; bible-driven, not method-driven evangelism; discipleship-oriented, not decision-oriented evangelism; and time-redeeming investment in new believers in Jesus Christ through continued discipleship, biblical instruction and equipping for future ministry.