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Adult 4 - Paraclets (those who come alongside)

Teacher: Bill Livingston


Teacher Bio

Bill Livingston has been a Christian since age 18. While not raised in a Christian home, God totally changed Bill's life when he was saved and started a wonderful adventure that he is still on. Bill started teaching at age 20 to a college and career class and for all but a couple of years has continued to teach adult classes.



Mixed adults 50-90, married couples, widows, widowers, warm, loving and supportive with a caring attitude that goes beyond words to action.



We began a study of the Gospel of John beginning in September. We will mostly likely take 4-6 months to go through this wonderful gospel as it has much depth to dig into. John unlike the other gospels wanted to focus primarily on who Jesus Christ is both as man and the Son of God. John calls Christ the Word in the first verse of his gospel. Arthur Pink explains the use of this title to so aptly set the tone for his journey into our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ and how He tells us who God is more fully than anyone or anything.


"Christ, as the Word, reveals the attributes and perfections of God. How fully has Christ revealed God! He displayed His power, He manifested His wisdom, He exhibited His holiness, He made known His grace, He unveiled His heart. In Christ, and nowhere else, is God fully and finally told out".


If you have PowerPoint, here is Brother Bill's overview: The Gospel of John - Overview