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A Fresh New Thing
December 6, 2020
Terry Collins
Join us as Pastor Collins shares about how God is working a fresh work in our lives.
Things We Learn in Times of Change
November 29, 2020
Preacher McCormick
Join us as Preacher McCormick shares about lessons learned in times of change.
Dedication Service
November 22, 2020
Terry Collins
Join us as we honor one of our early pastors, J.A. Atkinson.
Winding Roads
November 8, 2020
Jake White
Life is full of winding roads that seem unending, but don't lose your song just because the road runs long.
First Things First
November 1, 2020
Terry Collins
Join us as Pastor Collins shares the biblical reason and personal benefits of making our priorities align with God's.
The Glorious Struggle (Part 5)
October 18, 2020
Terry Collins
Join us for the final message of "The Glorious Struggle" series.
The Glorious Struggle (Part 4)
October 11, 2020
Terry Collins
Join us as Pastor Collins shares more concerning the glorious struggle and the armor that God has given us.
The Glorious Struggle (Part 3)
October 4, 2020
Terry Collins
Join us as Pastor Collins shares about the Glorious Struggle and the Armor of God.
The Mask That Hides Me
September 20, 2020
Jake White
The mask may hide you, but it doesn't help you. It's difficult to open up to others and allow them to see the real struggles inside of us. People have doubts. People have pain. People have secrets, but the church should be a place where we break down the walls, peel back the layers, and take off the masks that hide us from each other. Jesus wants to do so much more in our lives, but we have to take off the mask first!
Prepared By Uncertainty
September 13, 2020
Jake White
Everyone wants to be prepared for uncertainty, but we often do not realize just how much motivation the uncertainty actually gives us. Today, we would like to challenge you to allow the uncertainty of this life to prepare you for the certainty of the next.