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Grace Flowing...Thankfulness Showing
November 28, 2021
Numbers 6:22-26|Terry Collins
Thank you for joining our online service! We hope you have a great day and enjoy the message!
Will the Real God Please Answer? (Part Two)
November 21, 2021
1 Kings 18:17-41|Terry Collins
Thanks for joining us for the second part of this message, "Will the Real God Please Answer?" This is the story of the epic showdown between the prophet Elijah and the prophets of Baal.
Will the Real God Please Answer? (Part One) | Medical Professional Recognition
November 14, 2021
1 Kings 18:20-22|Terry Collins
Thank you for joining our online service! We hope you are encouraged and uplifted as you prepare for your week. Today, we will honor those who have heroically served in the medical field throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. If you are in the medical field, we extend this thank you to you as well!
The God of Everywhere
November 7, 2021
Psalm 139|Terry Collins
Come learn with us as we look at the God of Everywhere from Psalm 139! Enjoy the service!
How Great Is Our God?
October 31, 2021
1 Chronicles 29:10-13|Terry Collins
We hope you enjoy our online service and are encouraged by this message focusing on the greatness of our God! If you're in the Jacksonville, FL area, join us in person next time!
Plot Twist: The Lies We Buy
October 24, 2021
John 8:42-45|Jake White
The devil is often depicted in the Bible as a snake. He is sneaky—blending in with his surroundings. He is hateful—striking at anyone walking too close. He is venomous—spreading his lies through our hearts with every bite. Join us as we discover how we can overcome his venomous lies with the truth of God's Word.
Jake and Erica's 10 Year Anniversary
October 17, 2021
John 8:42-45|Jake White
Join us for the 10 year anniversary of Jake and Erica White joining our Southpoint Baptist Church staff! In this service we have baptism, reflection of the past ten years, music, preaching from Pastor Jake, and the presentation of a new believer in Christ. It was a wonderful day!
The One and Only God: The Great I AM
October 10, 2021
Exodus 3:1-14|Terry Collins
Join us for a new series, "The One and Only God". We hope you enjoy this message and are challenged to move forward in your walk with the Great I AM.
The Gospel: Missional
October 3, 2021
Acts 1:8|Terry Collins
Join us for a powerful reminder of why Christians must share the gospel both locally and worldwide in order to truly honor Jesus Christ!
The Gospel: Relational
September 26, 2021
2 Corinthians 3:1-3|Terry Collins
Welcome to our online service! We hope that you are encouraged to face your week in the power of Jesus Christ and for the purpose of the Gospel!