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Cookies Give Me Life!!!
July 22, 2020
Jake White
What gives you life? What motivates you those most? Why wouldn't you allow God's Word to be your life-giver? Let's talk about it...
Announcements - July 19
July 19, 2020
Terry Collins
Pastor Collins recorded an entire message with this but there have been some technical difficulties that will prevent us from being able to play it. We trimmed down the video to these few announcements and fantastic news that follows!
Eastwood Presentation
July 8, 2020
Join us as we hear an update from Jeremy and Veronica Eastwood about their ministry in the Dominican Republic.
Yea, Though I Walk...
July 5, 2020
Terry Collins
The Bible gives light to how we should respond when we find ourselves walking through a valley.
Important Announcements
June 30, 2020
Terry Collins
This is a vitally important update from Pastor Collins to our church members concerning the "mask mandate" in Jacksonville, FL. Please listen carefully as this will have direct implications with our church services.
Terry Collins | Patriotic Sunday
June 28, 2020
Terry Collins
Join us for our Patriotic service as we honor our troops, veterans, country, and God.
Psalm 1:1-6
June 24, 2020
Bud Henley
Join us for an encouraging yet challenging word from retired pastor, Bud Henley.
Matthew 9:14-17
June 24, 2020
Nick Powell
Join us as pastor Nick teaches us from Matthew 9:14-17!
Father Figures
June 21, 2020
Terry Collins
Join us for our Father's Day service and baby dedication!
A Fork In The Road (Part Two)
June 17, 2020
Terry Collins
In this message, Pastor Collins finishes his sermon on 8 principles for decision making. If you did not see part one to this message, he does give a recap of that message as well.